About Us

My husband Erick and I bought Brookton Hollow Farm in 1976 and over the years grew strawberries, raspberries, vegetables, herbs, corn, and hay.  While raising u-pick berries, we met many diverse and wonderful people. Our interest in continuing to meet such people was a major part of our decision to open a bed and breakfast. We incorporate locally grown and organic foods into our vegetarian breakfasts.

I have been a photographer over the past 40 years and have been involved in two photo-narrative projects, one focusing on women who have had breast cancer, and the other involving intimate connections between male friends. My son Avi and I renovated and restored the historic Brookton’s Market in the hamlet of Brooktondale just over a mile from the farm.

Erick was an economist, farmer, and computer consultant before undertaking a Ph.D. program in mathematics education. After 10 years of teaching, he retired from the field of mathematics education to focus on organic farming with a strong interest in farmland preservation. Erick died from cancer in the fall of 2014.

Currently the fields outside of the bed and breakfast are home to several horses.
– Deborah Halpern

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