About Us

My husband Erick and I bought Brookton Hollow Farm in 1976 and over the years grew strawberries, raspberries, vegetables, herbs, corn, and hay.  While raising u-pick berries, we met many diverse and wonderful people. Our interest in continuing to meet such people was a major part of our decision to open a bed and breakfast. We incorporate locally grown and organic foods into our vegetarian breakfasts.

I have been a photographer over the past 35 years and have been involved in two photo-narrative projects, one focusing on women who have had breast cancer, and the other involving intimate connections between male friends. My son Avi and I recently renovated and restored the historic Brooktondale Market in the hamlet of Brooktondale just over a mile from the farm.

Erick was an economist, farmer, and computer consultant before undertaking a Ph.D. program in mathematics education. After 10 years of teaching, he retired from the field of mathematics education to focus on the farm operation with a strong interest in farmland preservation. Erick died from cancer in the fall of 2014.

Brookton Hollow Farm is also the home of Cayuga Pure Organics.  CPO produces organic beans and whole grains grown here on the farm and on nearby rented fields. Flour is also made from the grains.  These products go from our farm directly to local stores, food coops, restaurants and CSAs as well as markets in NYC and the northeast. During your stay you are welcome to visit our farm facilities where the beans and grains are cleaned and packaged.

- Deborah Halpern

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